We are pleased to announce our name and branding change to  

AVVI Preferred 2CLR POS 





By August 2014, we will fully transition all of our existing clinics in Colorado and Texas plus our business headquarters to American Vein & Vascular Institute (AVVI).


Click here for the full press release.  For further information about AVVI, contact CEO Erin Gibbs at 719.966.7684.


Proven vein care treatments mean a better quality of life.

Why call Trinity Vein Institute and The Diagnostic Center now?
  1. We treat the simplest cosmetic problem to the most life-altering condition. 
  2. A multidisciplinary team of experts on the forefront of technology, performing minimally invasive vein disease treatments. 
  3. The Diagnostic Center- a state-of-the-art, full-service and accredited vascular diagnostic lab. 
  4. Double-board-certified vein specialists and a multidisciplinary approach to your care. 
  5. Personalized treatment plans and goals for each patient. 
  6. Modern and soothing design in each facility and a medical concierge dedicated to patient satisfaction.
  7. Electronic medical record keeping, immediate reports to referring physicians, and a teaching site with a sought-after fellowship.
  8. We accept most insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid.


Venous disease is more than a cosmetic problem; it can be serious and medically complicated. It’s not life threatening, but it is life altering. Most treatments can be completed in the time it takes to have lunch.

Trinity Vein Institute and The Diagnostic Center is located in Arlington, Texas. Rocky Mountain Vein Institute and The Diagnostic Center has locations in Pueblo, Canon City, Parker (South Denver)
and Vail Valley (Edwards).




You don’t have to live with pain or worry about how your legs look. 
We can improve your quality of life and foster your well-being. 
Make each day enjoyable. 
Legs. Redefined.